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Economical Security Sensor Interface

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    Economical Security Sensor Interface

    Hi All,

    I'm a HS noob - in fact i haven't placed an order yet and have some product licensing question in another thread.

    Here I would like to ask for advice on interfacing my home's existing wired door/window/motion sensors to HS. Some facts:

    I don't use the existing security panel (Napco Gemini P816). I replaced it when I bought he house because previous owner didn't know the codes. Then it seems it shipped with a firmware too new for my existing keypads and I can't program a non-default code. So I went the serial programming route with their software, but it seems my USB-serial adapters I use for IT equipment don't work this the panel. Doesn't matter, I give up. I'll lose the battle of training people in my house to arm/disarm anyway.

    So here I am. I would like to create basic automation that automatically "arms" as some time of evening, and "disarms" at some time of morning, and wakes me up during the "armed" hours by either a zwave buzzer next to my bed and/or push mobile notification. Preferably showing the specific sensor.

    And on a budget. The specific thing I seem to be missing is an easy way to aggregate the wired sensors and send status to HS. Extensive Googling comes up short. There's the Fortrezz MIMO, which isn't really MIMO because it's one input. There are dry contact sensors, but at $30 each it gets expensive).

    I was considering using an Arduino. Easy to read each sensor, but how to I send to HS? There doesn't seem to be a finished zwave shield. Am I wrong?

    Does HS support any sort of IP input? Either raw TCP / UDP or something on top like SNMP or HTTP? That's easy enough to output with Arduino.

    I saw something about an HS IP plugin, but am I asking for trouble using unofficial stuff?

    Anyone solve this yet?

    Thanks in advance!