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Brilliant Touchscreen Smart Switch

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    Originally posted by rmiles7721 View Post
    Received their response today.

    "Thank you for your question!

    We haven't reached out to Homeseer on Control4 quite yet about setting up access, but knowing their systems it shouldn't be too hard. We can definitely work with Wink. "

    I never asked about plugins as I'm not a programmer so maybe you'll get results from your email.
    I did. They offered me API access, but only as long as I bought one of their switches. They did say if I couldn't get it to work, I could get a complete refund.

    To be honest, I was kinda hoping for one to play with for free to see if I could get it to work, though I know that was a long shot and not the reason I asked for API access. I'm thinking of selling off my bRightSwitches when they come in and put that money into these as I like how they look better.

    I'll probably pre-order one, but they said they wouldn't be out until summer, so I have a bit.


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      I just bought 8 Brilliant Switches.

      I just ordered 8 or these things. Cheaper than the intercom system that I was looking into. It says that it works with Smartthings so hopefully homeseer soon. In the mean time, I guess I have an intercom, alexa (Maybe I can use this to control homeseer), and Sonos. Anyone else buy any? What are everyone else's thoughts about them?

      They seem pretty dope from this video:

      It says that it works with the following:
      Amamzon Alexa,


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        Lagotek tried this years ago and most recently Wink with their 'relay' product. In between, there have been a number of others. A touchsreen mounted at wall switch height is hard to read unless the the font and buttons are pretty big. The Wink unit at least recognized this and tilted the display upward.
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          Originally posted by macromark View Post
          Lagotek tried this years ago and most recently Wink with their 'relay' product. In between, there have been a number of others. A touchsreen mounted at wall switch height is hard to read unless the the font and buttons are pretty big. The Wink unit at least recognized this and tilted the display upward.
          For the most part, I don't think the screen is meant for looking at when you are standing right there. For the one here and the bRightSwitches, you can control the main load by swiping up and down on the screen as you walk by. And for this one, for gangs over 2, there is a flute for each load (which seem nice). I think it would take getting used to, but there would be no reason to look at it to get it right.

          I think for this one, the screen is there for glancing at from a far (within reason). Hence the weather and the photo frame feature.

          With this one having Alexa built in, I think it just adds to it. I've considered putting an Echo in each room (or Google home), but this would make it so much easier and give me a switch as well (for up to 4 loads). Granted, it is pricier than an echo. Another issue is, at least with the bRightSwitch and likely this one as well, is the audio out isn't wired (bRightSwitch told me they couldn't get UL approval for low voltage and high voltage in the same box like that). The bRightSwitch depends on BT Audio if you don't want to use the internal speaker.

          I get what you're saying if you want to put something like HSTouch on it, but I don't think that's what this is meant for. This is just a graphical interface to a switch instead of a physical one. they can potentialy offer you a lot of features that a normal switch doesn't: Camera, Extra sensors (bRightSwitch has motion and temp), intercom, video intercom etc.

          I'm hoping my bRightSwitches actually ship this quarter as promised (as i paid for them on a whim 3 years ago). I currently have some of the reservations that you might have, but I think these with the Alexa could overcome some of those, especially if you can activate the intecom by voice via Alexa. That feature alone might be worth it "Alexa, intercom with the Boy's Bedroom".

          BTW, another benefit to the bRightSwitches is that they hinted that each one could be used as a z-wave "Hub" with wifi connecting the switches together... I'm not sure if this means that they could act like wifi repeaters for z-wave or not, but the idea is intriguing to think about.


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            Sorry kids, no Disney World this year. Daddy has to buy some really cool light switches!


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              Look nice

              All I can say is holy crap. I started home automation a month ago and I wish I knew then what I know now. First off I bought a bunch of the GE switches and a wink hub. Total garbage and the target audience is my grandfather (who is dead).

              I switched to homeseer switches and hub. Reused as many of the GE switches in low traffic areas as I could. My house isn't huge but the builder went crazy on lighting. I have 58 light switch nodes now. More 4 gang than I care to admit.

              Now I see these. I am completely reliant on the double and triple tap of homeseer. Assuming there is some way to quickly get at scenes I could see these as a replacement. Guess it would depend on if those swiping things supported something like a double tap or if I would have to easy access to scenes from the touch screen. It sure beats all the lables i put on switches to show not only what the switch controled but what the double and triple tap does. I mean if it was just me I wouldn't label, but the wife and kids can barely work them with the labels.

              Good thing is I quickly became an expert at installing switches. Happens when you end up installing over a 100 in a couple of weeks (lots of exchanging due to the homeseer switch over).

              On a side note. I accidently put a GE companion with a homeseer switch. As a warning don't do that. I now have a dead homeseer switch. It just flashes the lights connected to it about once every 3 seconds. Might ask homeseer if it is fixable.

              Back to the original point. Holy crap these look cool. Way better than stuffing 4 smart switches into my four gang boxes and then spending about an hour with the label maker.


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                What ever happened to the light switch that was supposed to integrate with HSTouch? I do not remember the company that was making them...but I guess they never took off?

                Wonder how you change the images / blocks? I personally feel that is the largest problem is making it look nice, from a novice messing with it.

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                  What ever happened to the light switch that was supposed to integrate with HSTouch?

                  Thinking it was called Moonshine Switch from a company called Domobec.

                  The postings here on the forum no longer exist.

                  They are still on the CT forum from May, 2009

                  Moonshine Switch / Domobec's New Product Line !!UPDATED!!
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                    The Brilliant definitely has a cleaner industrial design than the bRight switches. bRight does offer one advantage, the ability to mount next to an existing switch. As I have z-wave switches mounted everywhere I would want to keep these as it is easier to manually operate the light switch than to go through a touchscreen.

                    I still use 15" touchscreens in the high traffic areas for complete control. I also have Apple iTouch's mounted in iPort frames in less trafficked areas. This has worked well for some time but they are slow and the screen size is too small to do most things. So I have been looking for an alternative.

                    I have recently started experimenting with Kindle Fire 7" units. I haven't gotten the newest unit rooted yet, but when that is done then it's $49 plus the cost of a mount (probably vidabox) and you have a great option that can be mounted anywhere and complete control back into homeseer.


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                      These look nice, but can you overcome the instinctual ability to walk into a room and then blindly turn on/off a load? I think I'd be limited in where I could use something like this. I like being able to walk into my living room balancing a plate in one hand, a beer in another, and instinctively reach out with one finger in the dark to hit a toggle or rocker switch. If these can be setup to "smack here" to control a load maybe it would be great.


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                        I emailed asking about whether there will be a way to integrate these with a (non-officially supported) z-wave hub like homeseer on day one. I'm not sure if they really answered the question, but they said:

                        "You are correct, we don't currently support Z-Wave devices natively, but those can be accessed through hubs like Wink or SmartThings. Homeseer is currently on our list to support, but given their API, it shouldn't be difficult to do."


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                          I would likely buy some if they would integrate with HS. We will see.


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                            Originally posted by BtrSound View Post
                            I would likely buy some if they would integrate with HS. We will see.
                            I had also emailed these guys a while back and they said that the android market is available. So that means that HS touch could be used as well.

                            I am sure there will be a PI after this device actually gets released. They do say it wil be shipping in a few weeks though. We will see.


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                              I received my Bright switch yesterday. It's pretty nice, but I can't seen to get HS to see it. It's a z-wave controller, so it might need to have more devices added to it.

                              I was able to access the play store right out of the box and add HSTouch and the Sonos app. Here are some pics. There web site has much better ones. It's not bad for a 5" screen.
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                                They do look nice, and are reasonably priced as a $199 small format touchscreen.

                                So to clarify, if we were to use these in the homeseer setup and not use the native Brilliant HA software you can run it strictly as a browser and load HSTouch.

                                However the local load cannot be addressed by homeseer as it is not technically a z-wave switch but is in fact a z-wave controller? So local control of the load would not be possible without running Brilliant's native HA software?