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Brilliant Touchscreen Smart Switch

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    Originally posted by Dekirts View Post
    So you can control light switches and connect them to the hs z wave network and run HStouch off it?
    technically yes. It's just android. I have 5 for sale if you want them (6 if you want the one in my office). We opted to go a different route and not use touch screens by time I got them in.

    I use imperihome on the one I have installed.


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      Hi - I am contemplating on using the touchscreen. May I know why are you veering away from it? I am about to move to a new house and maybe the touchscreen is a good addition.



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        How much are you asking for the switches? I would like to try them out. My plan is to use them to interface with my Allonis setup - I use this for all of my touchscreens with Homeseer doing all of the heavy lifting in the background. Assuming I can have these switches boot up and load the chrome browser in full-screen mode then they should work. I am not sure what to do about the local load - I might bypass it and add these in addition to the existing switches.