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    No SIP for you!


    Is there any SIP plugin for HS3? I found one plugin called SCSIP, but it appears to have disappeared and is no longer available. Does anyone know what SIP options are currently available?


    I'm running the SCSIP plugin right now and it is working great; but it has 'disappeared' from the updater?

    I'm contacting the author, and finding our what happened.


      I've the plugin running too.
      Maybe you can get is via this link:


        I'm a little hesitant with this other website. Looks like they did not want to use HS licensing model?

        Is anyone else using this, and if so, how safe is it?

        I do not see any pricing for the SCSIP, do you know what they are charging for it?


          I tested the plugin a few weeks ago and did a support request on their website, but did not get any reply. Plugin does not use the addresses stored in the addressbook of the hsphone.

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            They were originally in the HS updater, which is where I bought this plugin for $99.
            When Duncan moved his licensing and updater to his own infrastructure he 'transferred' my licenses; I also installed Bullet.

            I just spoke with him today and he is working on a solution for the current updater issue.
            I believe the plugin has a 30 day trial.


              Was anxious about SCSIP.

              Hi All,
              Firstly read this post and it is great to hear that Duncan is still supporting the Plugin. Have not tried the link above but have emailed Duncan with an issue when the plugin was first available support was super. For me the Plugin is great and one I cannot do without although currently only using it in a basic way it is very "feature rich" but most of my complicated stuff is done directly by Elastix.
              Great to hear the plugin is alive and well. Once again thanks to Duncan for a great Plugin.

              EDIT above link fails!

              EDIT Found this today
              just google smartercontrol as I can not put the web link here
              Seems that a new version is available ( $22 Au, I think, although guess Duncan is still getting his new site up and running.

              Anybody tried to install it yet? If Yes. How.
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                Hi - re-activating this discussion. I used to have it working when I was on HS3. However, when HS4 and my system crashed. I had to re-build from scratch and lost the plug-in. Is there any way I could get the plugin back. I have also purchased a license for this in the past.