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    Originally posted by RoChess View Post
    The Stelpro STZW402+ is Z-Wave plus and can do 120V/2000W or 240V/4000W direct on line-voltage and goes for about $60

    That should work for most floor heating setups as well right?

    Was thinking of adding an electrical floor mat in the bathroom down the line (want to experience first-cold-winter first), but keep line voltage well into the dry area as water and electricity just don't mix very well. Wouldn't require a massive 2kW or 4kW system for my situation, but still wanted HomeSeer control and all the options shown in this thread added up quite fast cost wise.
    That model appears to be a conventional thermostat for room heating. I don't see any mention of a temperature sensor for the floor. I see that Stelpro does have a floor thermostat, but it's not smart and costs $198! There appears to be a big conspiracy against letting an affordable Z-wave floor thermostat come to market.


      Originally posted by socalsharky View Post
      That model appears to be a conventional thermostat for room heating.
      Was hoping the line compatibility would solve it, but lack of temperature sensor near floor mat that connects direct to thermostat would indeed be a no for me as well. looks interesting, and they also have a WiFi version planned. Thermostat is not included, but they sell a 15' one for $12 which isn't too shabby.

      Those 25% Trump tariffs suck, but I won't be considering the major remodel of the floor until next year so maybe by then political situation has sorted itself.


        Originally posted by RoChess View Post
 looks interesting, and they also have a WiFi version planned.
        I looked at the Zigbee model as well, but I can't find a Zigbee controller that could be used with HS3. I started another thread to see if spud 's plugin will work with the forthcoming WiFi model.


          There is the ConBee USB adapter, or and there are other methods.

          I have kept to just Z-Wave, but Zigbee has a few options that are difficult to ignore (cheap sensors, etc.).

          Others with an actual Zigbee network on their HS3 setup would be better at giving you advice, but it is definitely possible.




            It says it is designed as a z wave plus relay for underfloor heating. Looking at the wiring, I'm not sure how to attach the mats. There is only one terminal for Q but I thought there should be two.

            It also offers energy monitoring and is pretty cheap at 45 bucks. Hopefully someone has some expertise on this one.




              Keep in mind that this is the older ZMNHID3 model, where Qubino already released their updated S2 model as ZMNKIDx with the last 'x' available in 14 different versions (Hex numbering) to match different Z-Wave frequencies (first time I realized there are that many as I was just aware of the two for US/EU).

              Probably why the older model is on `sale` right now.

              The Qubino with 2x Q is for shutters where going up, and down are two individual outputs.

              To save on cost Qubino tends to re-purpose the same shell design, causing those two other screws to go unused.

              Schematic for new one (but old one is same, just lacking S2 and other improvements):
              Click image for larger version

Name:	electrical-diagram-on-off-thermostat-03.jpg
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              PS: The temperature probe has a short wire, so this might make placement awkward if junction box is at regular switch level, or if you prefer to measure temperature more in the middle of a larger room, but I'm sure this is a regular DS18B20 probe so you can extend the wire quite a while without issues.