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    Best Practice Question

    What's the best practice for turning a flat screen TV on and off with automation?

    1. Infrared control
    2. Appliance module

    Please share your thoughts. .

    Thanks for your input.

    The appliance module is like pulling the plug out of the wall... is that bad for the TV?
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    Harmony Hub and Alexa


      Originally posted by thewizardofoz View Post
      Harmony Hub and Alexa
      I agree with at least the first part. While I don't use it to turn on my TV, I do use it to monitor what my TV is doing (What activity).

      I'm scared to give alexa access to it cause I can see my kids screaming at alexa to turn on/off the TV.... LOL.


        No kids here. The main use for me is to turn everything on for whichever Activity I am wanting, via Alexa and control of mute, play, pause and then to turn everything off again.
        For me, it is not worth the effort for changing channels or volume control or even worse.....trying to move around the TiVo screens. It can be done, but it is faster with a remote.


          I use the Global Cache iTachFlex IR connected to the UltraGCIR3 plug-in. I have an iTachFlex connected to each of my TVs. I mainly use it to turn on or off my TV and set the input and appropriate volume level on my receiver. I also use the IFTTT Alex trigger to trigger the HomeSeer event to turn stuff on or off.

          "Alexa, trigger turn TV on" or "Alexa, trigger turn TV off"

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            An appliance module will probably only turn the TV back on to standby unless it has a setting to turn it back on when power is applied, as such an appliance module probably does not turn it off and on like you would think it would.

            I'd look around see whether or not you have discrete IR codes for your TV that you can use to turn it off/on or whether or not it has serial/IP control. I the other week used an ESP8266 module, a couple of components and some IR leds and can control my TV from HS for virtually nothing.