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Having trouble with Scene Triggers?

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    Having trouble with Scene Triggers?

    I got My "Panic Button"
    Got it configured....
    Found out that it sends a Scene Activation 1

    Apr-05 8:10:57 PM Z-Wave Received a Scene Activation for Scene ID 1

    Created an Event that triggers on Scene activation 1
    Apr-05 8:10:57 PM Z-Wave Z-Wave scene 1 on Network E688343F triggered HomeSeer event(s).

    But.... the event never triggers? The Logs says it SHOULD, but, nothing...

    So what am I doing wrong?
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    I gave up and asked for Help from HS helpline.

    The person who answered said he preferred not to work with scenes, but to work with the device directly...

    So for the BUTTON

    I created an event that used

    This device changes and becomes
    Node 22 (button name) changes and becomes ANY value
    Then (unlock the door)

    This works reliably!

    I actually built 3 events per button
    1 - Unlock
    2 - Can't lock because the door is open
    3 - Locking front door

    Hope this helps someone else...


      Good to know. Thanks for posting back.