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Looking for someone to install a HS3 s in Los Angeles

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    Looking for someone to install a HS3 s in Los Angeles

    Hello, I currently have a system (Hometroller S6 Pro) at my current house which I installed and it consists of Z-Wave and Insteon mostly. However I have been having problems with the Zwave as I think I set something up wrong when adding the ZNet and the motion / multi-sensors (only Z-wave devices I currently have)

    I also have HStouch, however don't have the time make screens and pages that fit my needs.

    I'm renovating a new house that I'll being moving to soon and want to install Homeseer there as well.

    I'm looking for someone who can come in and get my current system corrected and customize my Touch panels. Also I need to have new system that will be going into the new house set up as well with custom pages that coordinate with it.

    I could figure this all out on my own eventually, but just don't have time to currently.

    If you in the LA area and able to do this, please contact me at

    Thank you.

    So are there installers for Homeseer?