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NEED an A19 bulb recommendation

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    NEED an A19 bulb recommendation

    I just bought some outdoor fixtures that will have dimmable led bulbs controlled through zwave, OF COURSE!

    However, an LED bulb has an ugly ceramic base that makes the fixture look half lit.

    So I would like a bulb that casts light in all directions. Incandescent bulbs would probably be fine since these won't be on all that much, but from what I've read today's incandescent bulbs are junk compared to the ones from years ago. I read nothing but complaints how 8 out of 12 burned out within days.

    Can someone recommend an LED bulb that is dimmable and doesn't have that ceramic or hard plastic bottom? For that matter, can anyone recommend a good reliable incandescent?

    2700k or warmer is a must.

    EcoSmart and Phillips at Home Depot are good LED bulbs and some are dimmable. They have multiple K values to choose from. I use them and have for a long time with no issues.


      Another option are the LED filament bulbs that have sprung up in the last year. These look almost the same as old school filament bulbs in that they have a very low K value - often 2200-2500K and are entirely clear with no large base. The lumens value are typically fairly modest, but it depends on whether you are looking at something for a decorative fixture or security flood lighting. They'd be good for the former, not the latter. Lowe's stocks them in-store and online. Not sure about HD.


        Thanks for the suggestions! My final decision is:

        Brighter than I need, but dimmed down it should be fine. Considering the falling prices of LED bulbs these aren't cheap but should do the trick.


          Changed subject to "Constant Flickering"

          I connected a Qubino flush dimmer to some BR30 LED bulbs in the living room and had constant flickering unless they were at full bright. So I went back to the Linear dimmer.

          Then I installed that same Qubino flush dimmer to the lights I bought for the outdoor setup and I get constant flickering. It's as if the Hz is 10 or 15 instead of 60. I have two of these dimmers and they both do the same thing.

          I tried making a video but on a camera the lights appear to go from dim to bright back to dim over a few seconds. Has anyone seen anything like this, ever?

          FWIW, I do not have any switch connected to the dimmer. It's simply line and neutral into the flush dimmer and switched load going out. The switched load is software control only, no physical switch.

          I'm reluctant to just order another company's dimmer unless I know it won't do the same thing, and I'm reluctant to think that two of these are defective in some strange way.


            On another note, I disconnected the qubino flush dimmer and installed a conventional Leviton slide dimmer. There is no flickering, however now the bulbs light to maybe 50% max, at best. The lower 2/3 of the dimmer do nothing, the upper 1/3 goes to a max of 50% would be my best guess.

            I feel like I'm adding fuel to the fire rather than coming up with a solution, so I'm hoping someone has experienced a similar scenario.


              More fuel, I removed the Leviton and installed an X10 wall dimmer. It works perfectly. No pulsating, no flickering and I have full control of the dim range.

              Now I'm really lost.


                Originally posted by racerfern View Post
                I removed the Leviton and installed an X10 wall dimmer. It works perfectly. No pulsating, no flickering and I have full control of the dim range.
                Wow.... a real brain teaser.

                How many bulbs are involved in this setup? I am wondering if maybe... one of the bulbs has a circuit defect.. of some sort.... that the X10 device is simply less sensitive of.

                My first thought when reading this was a slight short (often a bad ground). Sometimes such a short will only be noticed in windy conditions.
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                  It's all brand new wiring from a junction box. The wire at the junction box is an older piece of 12/2 romex so I doubt that's the issue. I did bypass this piece by doing a jerry-rigged connection from a known good outlet and some short pieces of wire connectors. Same result.

                  I will double check the ground at the origination junction box for the 12/2 but I don't expect a miracle fix.

                  There are four dimmable leds that are 7watts each. I have extra bulbs, I'll switch them out and see if there is an improvement.
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