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New way to control HS3 with Amazon Echo

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    New way to control HS3 with Amazon Echo

    Last week, Amazon announced the inclusion of Amazon Echo voice recognition software into their new Amazon Shopping app. Amazon's weekly "What's new with Alexa" email states that you can now control smart home devices with voice commands from your phone from anywhere.

    When I first read this I did not at all recognize the significance of this. But I soon realized this is a pretty big deal. If you are currently using Alexa to control some of your devices (HS3 or otherwise) you should give this a try. It is free with no obligation (at least for now).

    1. Download and install the "Amazon Shopping" app on your phone.
    I have an iPhone; the icon is a shopping cart .

    2. Open the app and Register your Echo. This allows the app to communicate with your Echo via the cloud.

    3. You may be asked to provide an email to receive promotion materials. I declined.

    4. When you get to the home page, you will see a shopping cart in the upper right corner. Under it is an icon of a microphone. This is the activation switch for the Amazon voice recognition service. When you press it you will see a horizontal blue bar bar that will flash when you speak. Try it.

    5. You can now control your registered Alexa devices by speaking to the app. "Alexa, turn on living room light" will turn on your living room light. You can also say, "Turn on the living room light". You do not need to say "Alexa".

    6. This will work from anywhere!!!!! As long as you can connect your phone to the internet.

    I typically use the myhomeseer iPhone app to control my HS3 devices from my phone. This approach has the advantage of being able to control all my HS3 devices but it requires a minimum of 4-5 button presses (after app icon is onscreen) to navigate to the device and turn it on/off. This is not something you should do while driving.

    The advantage of the Amazon shopping app, is that only 2 button presses (after app icon is onscreen) are required before speaking the command. The disadvantage is that only registered devices can be controlled.

    I think this is a big step forward. Try it, you'll like it.

    Steve Q

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    Look in the App Store for iPhone. I have been using lexi app to do this for a bit, but it appears to not be available for download anymore. I think there is another app called swift that is similar.

    It's nice to see it's finally starting to get baked into the Amazon app though.


      On Android, it's the Reverb app that does the same thing and I just learned that I don't even need to say 'Alexa' after pressing the microphone icon. This makes it more convenient when calling upon the Homeseer skill. I can just say, Ask Leena (my renamed Homeseer) for the outside temperature for example... I like it

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