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    Schlage & Z-Tool+ App

    I spent hours trying to get my Schlage Camelot 469 integrated into HomeSeer. The desktop computer on which HomeSeer is installed is located relatively far away from the lock. However, the z-wave plugin would actually see my trial to get the lock registered (probably through the dozens of other z-wave nodes). However, it did only recognize one "device" and produce some warning. I then found the app Z-Tool+ to add and remove devices. Removing worked just fine and adding devices appeared to be ok but again it didn't recognize all "devices". After hours of trying I finally removed the door lock and brought it to my computer. When I then started the inclusion process it succeeded the first time and recognized all 7 "devices".

    I am not sure about the reason this did not work but it could be that:

    * Secure devices can't be registered through other (unsecure) nodes
    * The app can't recognize nodes that have multiple "devices"
    * It's not possible to register a node that have multiple "devices" being routed through other nodes.

    Anyways, I am just posting this in case somebody else runs into the same issue.