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ECO Link Door sensor tamper alarm reset

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    Here is a older thread where this was discussed. I have added several reset buttons to notification devices like this. Also add some to reset battery level to 100% following battery changes for some devices. They do not all update or poll and report battery levels right aways. Same process to have a small script that changes the device value by RefID then you add a change to the setup script changed to have HS add buttons to these device that calls the script. Looks and acts like it was a native feature and solves the annoying problem of resetting device notifications and things like battery level.


      Here is a quick overview of what I did to get this working. Got help and examples posted by user rge

      First you create a script to reset your tamper device back to 0 to clear those annoying tamper statuses.

      Sub Main(parms as object)
        Dim ref as Integer = CInt(parms(0))
        hs.WriteLog("Script", "Tamper reset button pressed device " & ref)
        hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(ref, 0, true)
      End Sub
      This will get called by the button you will add to each Tamper device ID that needs this fix. Name it tamper_reset.vb.

      Next create a script that when ran will add a button called "Reset" to each of your devices that lack one: I named it Add_tamper_Reset.vb.

      Sub Main(parms as object)
          'North Gate Tamper (420)
          'South Gate Tamper (426)
          'Front Door Lock Tamper (294)
          'Garage Door Lock Tamper (313)
          hs.DeviceScriptButton_AddButton(420, "Reset", 1.0, "tamper_reset.vb", Nothing, Nothing, 1, 1, 1)
          hs.DeviceScriptButton_AddButton(426, "Reset", 1.0, "tamper_reset.vb", Nothing, Nothing, 1, 1, 1)
          hs.DeviceScriptButton_AddButton(313, "Reset", 1.0, "tamper_reset.vb", Nothing, Nothing, 1, 1, 1)
          hs.DeviceScriptButton_AddButton(294, "Reset", 1.0, "tamper_reset.vb", Nothing, Nothing, 1, 1, 1)
        hs.WriteLog("Script", "Tamper device reset buttons added.")
      End Sub​
      Substitute your Device IDs as needed. For my 4 device were two Schlage Locks and two EcoLink door sensors I have setup as outside Gate sensors. Device 420,426,294,313 etc.

      This script is called when HS first starts and adds the Reset button to the devices. I think back in 2020 when I first did this the buttons would disappear after a HS restart so I added them to the startup.vb script like this:

      hs.RunScript("Add_tamper_Reset.vb", False, False)
      Since then I think this was fixed and only needs to done once and the buttons persist across restarts as I have it commented out of startup.vb for now.

      I created a second version of this to add Reset buttons to various battery power Zwave sensors that do not immediately report updated battery levels after a battery replacement. Most would eventually update but I wanted to reset them back to 100 right away. You could probably use this to add what ever function you can script for to any device.


        Originally posted by NickMach007 View Post

        Many years after the fact...having the same issue and this solved my problems. Thanks!!!
        Funny. I have one of these things in an old fashion telephone box from the 1920s. It kicks on when the crank is turned-- it closes a relay and uses the closed contact sensor. I was having issues with it today so I changed the battery and noticed the tamper setting has been set for over a year. I did the web page thing and that cleared it.

        HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

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          Originally posted by woody1961 View Post
          I'm late to this but I *think* I found a solution to this. On the local Homeseer lan open a web browser and enter:

          replacing homeseerip with your local Homeseer server ip and XXX with the Reference ID of the Home Security entry showing the tamper cover indication.

          This set it back to 'No Event'.

          This is exactly what I needed. It happens so rarely that I'm just keeping it in a text file that I can refer back to as needed. I thought about creating a script for it, but I think that's overkill for the rare use case.