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  • Rs232 to usb cables

    Just wondering what the best RS232 to USB cable is for use with homeseer S6 Pro and ocelot/Leopard1 unit? I found on amazon a TrendNet USB to RS232 converter cable (USB 1.1). Would this cable be good to use with the hardware above and any other RS232 device that I would need to connect to Hometroller S6 hardware? Also do these cables require drivers be installed on the Hometroller S6 Pro in order for them to work? Do the cables come with driver software or does Homeseer preinstall the driver on the Hometroller S6 Pro? Thanks much for the help !!!!! Rick

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    That cable should work fine. It won't come with drivers, but the ones you need will most likely already be installed on the S6, will install automatically if you are connected to the internet, or if not you can download them from here:

    That particular cable is 2 ft long; make sure thats long enough for your application.
    is a 6 ft cable using FTDI chip rather than the Prolific chip of the one you referenced. I've used FTDI devices with my S6 with good results. (no diss to Prolific, just haven't used that one myself).

    PS. USB1.1 is all you need for serial applications. It supports speeds up to 12Mbps, which is over 100x the 115200 baud highest serial speed you're likely to use!


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      Thanks much for your help !!!! Think I will go with the six foot cable. Awesome !!!!!! Rick