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Wftt07 and kindle fire clients?

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  • Wftt07 and kindle fire clients?

    I have a wftt07 table top touch screen with an older version of hstouch on it and not sure how to update to the lattest. I am an HS3 newbie and was able to download the hstouch app to my kindle fire and it works but unable to get homeseer screens to show in landscape. I was wonering how to do this? I noticed in some of the forum threads that there is a hstouch_release_1.0.123.apk file? I think this is on the wftt07 touchscreen. Do I need to update this file on the wftt07 display and if so how is this done and where do you get the laatest file? On the Kindle Fire just need to know what needs to be done to display hstouch screens in landscape mode? On both devices I am using stock hstouch screens. The Kindle Fire makes a great little controller. Thanks much for the help !!!!! Rick