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Quick/Easy: HomeSeer Android Widgets that Work from Anywhere with Tasker & MyHomeSeer

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    Quick/Easy: HomeSeer Android Widgets that Work from Anywhere with Tasker & MyHomeSeer

    Hi. Doing a quick search on Google and the HomeSeer forums, I couldn’t really find any posts with a quick and easy way to make widgets on Android for use with HomeSeer via their MyHomeSeer cloud service. I’ve been using this method for a while to run events from widgets on my phone from anywhere and thought I’d share it for the sake of anyone else doing a search. This is for novices and shows how to add a widget for running an Event, but you can see from the SDK guide that with a little bit of time that you can do quite a bit more.

    I used the information in the SDK guide located here:
    and saw you can control devices and trigger events with a single URL using HTTP get.

    So, there’s a million ways and apps you could use to do this, and this is just one way I chose. Feel free to post your ideas and comments (with screenshots please). IFTTT is popular for this as well. You could also just simply use a browser to create home screen shortcuts to the URLs to perform actions, but you'd have the extra step of having to close your browser out after running an action.

    Quick Summary
    Find the event ID (you can also use group name and event name to run)
    Create a Tasker task to access a URL then display a popup with the result for each widget that you want

    For the below, use the following substitutions
    YOURMYHSEMAILACCOUNTNAME: The part before the @ in your email address used for your MyHomeSeer account
    YOURDOMAIN.COM: The part after the @ in your email address used for your MyHomeSeer account
    YOURMYHSPASSWORD: Your MyHomeSeer Password
    EVENTID: The numeric ID of the event you want to run. There's multiple ways to find the ID, and I mention one way below. Also note that you can also use the group name and event name if you want, just be sure to encode the URL and use the proper case, and use the URL format in the API guide.

    First, find the id of the event you want to activate. To get a list of all accessible events ids and names, you can use the following URL: YOURMYHSEMAILACCOUNTNAME%40YOURDOMAIN.COM&pass=YOURMYHSPASSW ORD&request=getevents
    (Use CTRL-F in your browser if you need to find the id by name if you have a large number of events)

    Open Tasker, tap on Tasks, then tap on the + icon. Give your task a name then tap the checkbox.
    Tap on the + icon to add an action. Select Net, then HTTP Get.

    For Server:Port, enter
    For Path, enter

    You can leave everything else alone.
    Go back and add a second action using the + icon.
    Select Alert, then Popup.
    Under Text, enter
    Change the Timeout parameter for the popup to 1 second

    Go back to your task. Now, click the icon at the bottom that’s a square grid of 9 squares. Next, navigate and find an icon that you like that will be used for your home screen widget. Now, go back to the Tasker main screen or else you won’t be able to add a widget. Next, go to your phone/tablet’s home screen.

    Lastly, you’ll need to add the widget to your home screen. This process varies between Android devices, but usually you’ll need to hold down your finger on an empty area of your home screen, then select widgets. Sometimes there is a widget section in your applications menu.
    Now, select the Tasker widget, hold down on the Task 1x1 Widget, then drop it where you want the Widget to go. Select the task that you just created that you want to link to the widget.

    That’s all there is to it!
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    Very good work done here but have you seen or used the Tasker plug in for HomeSeer?

    Just curious.

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      Great writeup! And very useful for generic triggering from other types of platforms too.


        @Eman - Thanks... I don't think the Tasker plugin really applies here for just making a few quick desktop widgets but it's probably a worthy mention in this post for the search engines

        @geoffb - Thanks! When I saw how easy it was to control HomeSeer with simple HTTP commands from anywhere, I couldn't believe I hadn't found it sooner. I have a thermostat I built with a microcontroller that has presets which run events on HomeSeer. It was so easy to do! Of course though, that was with local LAN access to HomeSeer. And yes, for those of us with multiple automation platforms, this information is handy!


          With the Tasker plugin for HomeSeer you create the widget the same way. The only difference is it runs a task of any event you already have in HomeSeer=====>

          Variable Set



          Example : LivingRoom Lights Off

          TinkerLand : Life's Choices,"No One Size Fits All"


            This worked great for me with HS3. When I upgraded to HS4, it no longer works. Does any one know what might need to be changed to make it work again?


              I tried this too.
              I'm getting message "you do not have permission to view this directory page".

              I know my password is correct, because I coped the whole syntax of the JSON?user=YOURMYHSEMAILACCOUNTNAME%40YOURDOMAIN.COM&pass=YOU RMYHSPASSWORD&request, it let me into the ID checking page so password and username is correct.

              If anyone solved this problem, I would appreciate any suggestions.