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Can I get feeds from home cameras via MyHS service?

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    Can I get feeds from home cameras via MyHS service?

    I do want to use HS as a surveillance system (I already have a Hikvision NVR) but I would like to be able to access cameras feeds for real-time view and when I am away from home.
    All cams are POE IP ones and they are all onto the same network as the HS computer.
    I don't want to open any ports into my router to avoid security issues and I think MyHS service might be way to go.

    Do you think there is a way to access cameras via MyHS? Is there a plugin that can help without overloading the HS3 computer?
    Thank you
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    Hikvision DVR

    I like you, am attempting to find a solution to view my home camera system via HS through my Hikvision DVR. I saw at one point someone was developing a plug in for the DVR. I have not seen anything else. I am new to HS but will await a solution.
    Thanks in advance for posting a solution