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zktecousa Access Control System Plugin Development

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    zktecousa Access Control System Plugin Development

    Hi there,

    I am an active homeseer user. I am also a developer by trade however not in .NET, rather in other technologies. (JS, web technologies). Also I have an exclusively mac computers so would need a windows machine to develop in .NET (and learn it )

    I have purchased this open source access control system, and I have noticed there is an SDK/API available with these products.

    It would be very cool if we could get a plugin for these systems as they are relatively cheap and are open source. (And an off the shelf access control system with homeseer plugin is not currently available?) Correct me if I am wrong

    The functions I believe it would have is: command to open the door via homeseer, but mainly to read which user card has been swiped by the system. The idea here is running diffrent events based on who has entered the house.

    I know there are dozens of plugin authors here that may be able to assist me. This would be amazing as I simply don't have the time. But am very happy to provide input.

    Above is the link to the product, I will also attach the 'Pull' SDK manual. I think there is a 'Push' SDK also. (I guess depending on if homeseer will poll the system, or listen for events?).
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    I have the C3-400

    Works very well, a connection with HS would be superb :-)