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    Z-Wave automated shades

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has tried Zebrablinds motorized Z-wave shades? I am thinking of getting some for my house as I finish rebuilding after Harvey, so I thought I would solicit some feedback.

    Thanks in advance!

    I bought those from Homedepot. I think I already posted on them with some videos.

    They are made by Grabber which is a parent company to Bali which is what HomeDepot sales.

    "bali autoview" to be exact. Z-wave plus and work well, I'm happy with mind. Battery life has been great. Still show 100% (altho that cant be right) months later and used atleast once a day some days more.

    Edit: found that link where i posted pics and videos of my early install.


      I know I’m hijacking, was going to post a question with a similar title. Is there a cheap and easy to integrate solution for roller shades? I use blackout shades I’m a few windows (old school, pull em down). I keep seeing various hacks here and there. Figured at this point there’s got to be something that can replace the mechanism in the tube.



        In my research I've not found a single blackout shade, a true blackout shade with a side track, that can be motorized. It's a drag but I'm going with manual shades because of this.
        Originally posted by rprade
        There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


          Hard to say what kind of shades are "Blackout". S-F is thinking theater room with side rails and all. I'm thinking your only talking about normal roller shades.
          If you google "black out shades" you get everything from cellular to roller.

          If your talking about regular roller shades Somfy sales tube and motor inserts but they are not direct z-wave. Also when I looked into them buying the somfy motors are almost as much as buying a normal sized complete shade from your big box store. If you piece together a setup for old shades you need the motor/rf setup a battery pack and something to convert RF to homeseer. The motors new cost 150 to 200 on ebay plus the battery packs and other parts.

          When I researched it was cleaner and easier and full warranty to just order new blinds for around 200 with z-wave plus built in. You can get roller in these. If your looking for true blackout with side rails and such then I think SF is right I haven't seen them.


            Awesome, thank you! Going to start with some of these in the Master Bedroom and then move to other rooms as we need too. My windows do not leave much room to mount inside the window frames so I am going to build a valance above the windows and mount the shades there so lower and overlap the window frame by 1/2" on each side.