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Homeseer Speaker Clint Issues?

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    Homeseer Speaker Clint Issues?

    I am relatively new to homeseer HS3 with a hometroller S6 PRO and hstouch. I have a couple of events that send tts speech out to an android client and a kindle fire tablet client. I set up the speaker client on the hometroller and I get speech from the hometroller headphone/speaker jack just fine. I have one "speak event" that uses an action of "speak something" and another event that uses an action of run script or script command &hs.speak ("This is a test"). The speech out of the hometroller is fine. The speech on the clients is intermittent at best. On both the android client and the kindle fire client the word or phrase will speak ok, but more often than not the speech on both clients will say a few words of the phrase and then go back to the beginning of the phrase then speak the whole phrase again. Sometimes it will repeat part of the phrase or if it is a single word it will repeat the word. I have a pretty basic system as shown below. Any help on resolving this speech issue is much appreciated....Rick

    Hometroller S6Pro
    HS3 Software (
    JowiHue Plugin
    Honeywell Thermostat Plugin
    GTS CPUXA Ocelot Plugin
    Arduino Plugin