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    New controller recommendations?

    I have the opportunity after the recent hard freeze here while I was out of town to replace most of my pool equipment. I don't currently have any type of smart controller (just those old manual timers). I'm looking for recommendations from folks for what's a good mix of price, features, and automation capability with HS.

    I'll be replacing at least:
    • Main filter pump
    • Booster pump for cleaner
    • Cleaner (?) Not sure if it works since booster pump is out
    • Pool light (with LED)
    • Manual timers for pumps
    • Install automatic fill

    EDIT: Current filtration system is Pentair, with the 1980's style multi-position handle valve to control backwash, normal flow, drain, etc.

    Any ideas?
    HS Pro 3.0 | Linux Ubuntu 16.04 x64 virtualized under Proxmox (KVM)
    Hardware: Z-NET - W800 Serial - Digi PortServer TS/8 and TS/16 serial to Ethernet - Insteon PLM - RFXCOM - X10 Wireless
    Plugins: HSTouch iOS and Android, RFXCOM, BlueIris, BLLock, BLDSC, BLRF, Insteon PLM (MNSandler), Device History, Ecobee, BLRing, Kodi, UltraWeatherWU3
    Second home: Zee S2 with Z-Wave, CT101 Z-Wave Thermostat, Aeotec Z-Wave microswitches, HSM200 occupancy sensor, Ecolink Z-Wave door sensors, STI Driveway Monitor interfaced to Zee S2 GPIO pins.


    I jut replaced all my equipment in September.

    Pentair Intellitouch i9+3 Personality Kit 521221 1,549.00
    Intellitouch Indoor Panel 520138 529.00
    Pentair Intellitouch Load Center w Intellichlor Transformer 521213 649.00
    Pentair ScreenLogic2 Interface kit 520500 449.00
    Intellichlor IC40 Chlorinator Salt System 520555 672.00
    Pentair Quad 100 DE Filter 188594 899.00
    Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump 011055 1,004.00
    Pentair Master-temp 400k BTU HD 460805 2,199.00
    2 Pentair LED Lights 60100 1,100.00
    2 Jandy 3 way valves/actuators 140.00
    Silencer 1.5hp 240V 289.00
    Sub Total 9,479.00
    Tax 876.81
    Sub-Total 10,355.81
    Labor 3,500.00
    Grand Total 13,855.81
    Less $1,000 DWP rebate (1,000.00)
    Less $300 Socal Gas rebate (300.00)
    Net 12,555.81

    Sorry about the formatting - pasted from spreadsheet. The above included salt startup, programming, etc. The only thing not included was the Autelis Intellitouch intertface to my PC (don't recall the price-bought separately) and Spud's Autelis Plug-in.

    All works well together. I mostly use the Pentair mobile app, but nice to have the HS plugin as well.

    I bought equipment and installation from local source, and switched pool service to them. You need to make sure they (installer and pool service people) know how to install/program/use the Intellitouch system.

    I use a Dolphin pool cleaner so I only have 1 pump.

    Hope that helps.