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    FIBARO RGBW control

    HS3 will work out of the box with the fibaro... no plugin needed.

    For apps... it now works within Imperihome (requires plugin)....not sure about HSTouch, but assume there as well.

    Wall switch - good question..... regarding if you move out and take HS with you.

    I see a few wall mounted RGB switches... but assume they also have the controller build in... so not sure how that might work with HS3.

    Maybe something like this, with a zwave module in between to control power? That way you could turn on/off with HS3, but you'd have to change colors from the wall switch.

    thinking out loud...


      I have several of the Fibaro RGBW controllers. They are Z-Wave so they will work with the included plug-in and a Z-Wave controller. As a Z-Wave device, they can link to a single controller so there will be no phone control other than HSTouch. When you sell the house, they will not work without a Z-Wave controller, though they do have inputs that can be set for control with dry contact switches.

      Another option, albeit a little pricey is the Philips Hue system. It uses its own Zigby hub and there is a plug-in or script available to link the lights to HomeSeer. They also have a nice iOS or Android app for control. They offer LED strip lighting and bulbs. Their LED strips are proprietary, using RGB, warm white and cool white LEDs. The whole system works very well, but as I wrote above they are expensive. The radio range of Zigby is less than Z-Wave, so you might need extra devices or hubs to cover the house. I am finding that they will reliably communicate only 20-25 feet between devices. Each bulb is a repeater. The HUE system offers controls that speak directly to the hub, so they will work without HomeSeer, yet still tightly integrate.

      I am just starting out with the HUE lights, but I really like the system. It is just difficult to justify the cost. The upsides are that they should last 20+ years and the colors are much better than the cheap RGB strips.
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