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How to run a Developement and Operational systems

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    How to run a Developement and Operational systems

    I am plodding forward (very slowly) to convert from HS2 to HS3.

    I have two HS licenses one for historical development, and one for operations.

    In HS2 the ability to do this, was very easy as all it involved was to move one mdb and a scripts file and having dup licenses for addin (if appropriate).

    It appears that in HS3 .. it is not as simple ... in reality .. I have yet to find the solution.

    the reason for the two systems, is that the operational system is in a remote location visited frequently (but not all the time) and is over 250km away from the development system.

    If anyone has any thought or suggestions on how to effectively do this, I would really appreciate it.