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GE Choice Alert made by Jasco

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    GE Choice Alert made by Jasco

    I live in Pacific NW and I was just at a BiMart store. They had a "Close Out" section full of "GE Choice Alert" products that were typically marked down from $ 40.00 to $ 10.00. Nowhere on the packages or documentation does it say "zwave" or "x10". There are all kinds of devices from water sensors, door alarms, sirens, etc.

    I can't figure out what protocol these use anywhere, so I wondered if anyone knows and if I can get it working with either zwave or X10.

    I purchased a siren and tried to scan for it but HS3 didn't see anything. It has a "Learn" button on the unit which I pressed without success.

    Attached photo.

    Anyone know about these Jasco products? What protocol it uses?
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    The devil is in the details.


      These devices are typically a propriety Zigbee frequency but finding this information can be a chore.
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        Thanks for the info. I was standing there gawking at that display loaded with marked down devices, gambling in my head that it would work with my system. I was tempted to buy a whole bunch of them and risk it. I'm glad I didn't.