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Air Quality Readouts for Homeseer

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    Originally posted by SBobowski View Post
    I wanted to add a CO2 sensor, but they all seem to be pricey.
    Have you picked a CO2 sensor?
    I have, but your right its an optical sensor and cost me £80. To be honest its great and I like the idea of PPM, VOC's and Co2 but the one I'm missing, the one that does the most harm is No2 and I can't find a reasonably priced sensor that actually works and gives reliable readings. No2 in concentrations more than 0.5ppm is seriously hazardous to health and this is the gas that is suspected of contributing to asthma etc. If anyone has found a NO2 sensor that actually works and gives reliable readings please let me know?


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      Actually the more i think about this the more convinced I am that 99% of the 'air quality' monitors flooding the market are worthless. Dust isn't a problem except for PM2.5 and lower and even then the evidence is lacking. Co2 in a normal room again makes no difference and VOC's are misleading at best. What we should be measuring is the stuff that's hard to measure and is KNOWN to be harmful, That's No2, So2 and Co.

      And forget about the MCS sensors, they are so inaccurate that its not worth the effort. Commercial sensors for No2 and So2 are EXPENSIVE which is why you never see them in the sort of crap hitting the market now.

      If anyone comes across decent functional and accurate sensors for No2, So2 and Co then please let me know and I'll put something together, write the code and release it open source and we can all have the benefit.


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        im considering this for co2 and VOC
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          Check this - looks interesting.