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teslaSeer, plugin using tesla motors "API"

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  • Originally posted by salvesen View Post
    Added e new version with some bugfix and sentry mode.
    Awesome, thank you. Will try it out.


    • Is this PlugIn the same as "Tesla Vehicles"? If not, how do they compare? If so, can Homeseer put in a different category then "Robotics"? Maybe make one for Automobile?


      • So, from what I can find out, the "Tesla Vehicles" is a different plugin. I like the "Tesla Vehicles" so far, but would love to know if anyone has tried both and if they find one better then the other and why?


        • Thanks for a great PlugIn!

          Any suggestions on how to configure sleep?

          TeslaFi seems to split polling into a "vehicle poll" and a "data poll" to avoid waking the vehicle:-
          With this approach, in TeslaSeer I think if the temperature/ shift state isn't updated in the vehicle poll I can count down, stop polling and go to sleep like TeslaFi?

          I'm unsure on how to find out if vehicle wakes? Does Teslaseer do the passive "vehicle" poll like TeslaFi- and if so how do I determine the vehicle state? TeslaFi shows connection state as "online" but I don't see this data point in TeslaSeer- or a way to just update it without polling vehicle for "data poll".



          • If I set the polling interval (on the plugin setup screen) to 0:0:0, does that disable automatic polling? Or, is it best to use the "Enable Polling" device and turn polling on/off from there? I've had bad experiences with 3rd party applications polling my car and it causing problems with the car going to sleep. I'd rather turn polling on, get the information I need, then turn polling off.