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    Originally posted by Michael McSharry View Post
    You could also do as I do with xapmcsW800 running in the background and communicating the ON/OFF, Temperature, Humidity etc over the LAN via xAP. HS1 plugin mcsXap translates to HS devices.
    Are we talking about the same W800 device? I'm using the W800RF, the RF receiver that would listen to motion detectors, remotes and security devices, and send the raw data over a serial port to HS1.


      Yes. Built by WGL Associates.

      In the past I used Dependency Walker to discover hidden dependencies with dlls.


        Yeah, same tool I'm using. That doesn't show where the settings are stored though, because i'm not seeing a config file on the old system. Going to have to start searching the registry.


          Attached is an old W800 file (which is OCX) that I found in an old backup of HS 1.744.

          Looking at my configuration at the time and I was still using the MR26A. Later went to the W800.

          Looks like the drivers were already in the Homeseer directory.

          Attached is the last beta W800 plugin. (I have here V1 to V2 to this beta)

          Brian here still have the Audiotron here (saved)
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          - Pete

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            Originally posted by Pete View Post
            Brian here still have the Audiotron here (saved)
            Still got three of mine running here. The fourth will become a donor box for a Raspberry Pi Tron at some point, since all the controls/displays still work.


              Ok, and I swear I'd looked already, I just needed the W800com.dll file dropped into the HomeSeer folder. Fired it up, no errors, everything bitched about not finding the device on the com port configured (as expected).

              So Win7, with the Napco, UltraMon, W800RF (and AudioTron) plugins seems ready for service now.

              Thank all of you for your support!


                Originally posted by UniKyrn View Post
                Finding something with multiple serial ports is fun also.

                I love these machines


                  The UGREEN USB->4Serial adapter actually surprised me by simply working without problems. The only real issue was figuring out what port was what COM?, then I labeled them. The old system of course was a 6U rackmount with lots of ISA serial boards.