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Whole Home "Synched" Video and Audio

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    Whole Home "Synched" Video and Audio

    I have done some preliminary searching on systems for the house for video distribution. I am of course trying to make this easy to operate for the Wife and also guests. I am not a TV person but as an example, the wife really wants to watch her college football on all the Televisions at once. It would of course be really nice to switch rooms with anything playing and the picture follow (and audio stay correct) such as walking from the living room to the porch and automatically having HS start it as you walk into the new room and turn off the old room after a time.

    I have found the different Matrix multipliers which should sync the HDMI signal and distribute it out to the different televisions, but the drawbacks I see are that the source will be remotely controlled and Selecting the source for each television may not be as easy as I would like (how to make it easy for the wife). I am fine with doing global Cache IR around the house to control everything but need to have an interface for her to easily select what she wants.

    I also ran across:
    that someone brought up a couple years ago, but the thread didn't really have anyone who has used this.
    I am really interested in this as I believe it would be easier to select the source from the television itself and just have to start and stop the source (or not if it is an OTA broadcast).
    The problems I see with this is synching the audio to the video if all the receiving televisions are not perfectly in time.
    I also think this method might be more difficult to automatically start and stop at the remote televisions (but I could be mistaken) as it may be simple script calls to NetPlay controller but somehow the television must get turned on and then the Apple TV or other device must have the app opened (if it is not opened already) to get the feed. I also think that if I were to watch a movie on all Televisions, I would still need a HDMI Feed that I can distribute so I would still need a HDMI to IP converter on a Main Player in the house

    95% of the time she just watches Hulu or Netflix and this makes me lean back towards the Matrix Switches and just have a couple Devices (such as FireTV or Media Computer, Cromecast) in a central location that can be distributed to any TV

    Currently I am just using a NAS and am accessing my videos and movies using Kodi. I did a little research on Spud's plug-in, and it is great for watching different things in different places, but not sure that even if I had a live feed into Kodi (from any media source) I can watch the same thing on two Televisions Synched. If this is an option I think I would definitely go this route

    Lastly, synching up the Audio would be the last piece. I have a few rooms of my house with speakers but just a receiver currently distributing. I am leaning toward Russound as I grow but would need to get the audio from the video source into this also.

    If anyone can kick me in the right direction, or have achieved this I would appreciate any help you can offer.