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How to restore a previous version of HomeSeer on Windows using the msi installer

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    How to restore a previous version of HomeSeer on Windows using the msi installer

    ***WARNING 1***

    This procedure involves changing settings in your Windows Registry!

    Changes made to the Windows registry happen immediately, no backup is created automatically. Do not edit the Windows registry unless you are confident about doing so.

    Microsoft have issued the following warning with respect to the Registry Editor:

    "Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require you to re-install Windows to correct them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk."

    It is strongly recommended you make a backup of your Registry before making any changes:

    ***WARNING 2***

    This procedure is no excuse to avoid making regular backups of your Homeseer installation. If you have not done so already, download and install BLBackup (free) from the HomeSeer updater.

    ***WARNING 3***

    Whilst this information is provided in good faith, carrying out this procedure is at your own risk!

    You may have noticed that after installing the latest/beta version of Homeseer, you are unable to revert back to a previous version using the standard msi installer file. The standard message seen is "A more recent version of HomeSeer HS3/HS4 is already installed on this computer".

    Whilst the recommended route to revert is via a HomeSeer backup, there is a method to change the version number stored in the Windows registry so that the previous installer can be run.


    Open up the Registry Editor in Windows (Type RegEdit in the run/search box.)

    Make sure you are at the top of the Registry tree by clicking on the Computer Icon on the left-hand pane.

    Click Edit from the top menu and then Find. In the 'Find What' text box, enter 'Homeseer HS3' or 'Homeseer HS4' depending on your version.

    Press the Find Next button until you find an entry on the right-hand pane similar to the screenshot below. It normally appears as the first search result.

    You will notice that the last entry in the right-hand pane list is shown as 'Version'.

    Double click on the Version text and the Edit Dword window will open. Change the Base entry from Hexadecimal to Decimal. Take a note of the decimal number before you make any changes so you can revert back if necessary. You now need to reduce this number to be something lower. Whilst I cannot give exact numbers, 50332076 relates to Homeseer Version and 50332031 relates to Version I expect changing it to 50332000 should cover most eventualities (HS3 version).

    Press OK and the new value will be saved. You should now be able to run the previous version msi installer.

    HST add this version stop to the installer for a reason, however you should be fine if the changes made from previous versions are minor. Large version jumps are not recommended and could break your HomeSeer installation.
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    Great tip!