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how to monitor a sump pump

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    Can you trigger an event with this such that when current reaches zero, you can create an action. I also believe that you can set these up to be on after a power failure... can you confirm this please?

    If the above is true, I will get a couple of these for my sump pumps. What I want to do is flip-flop power between my two pumps so each one can take a turn.
    Backup pumps have a tendency to fail when you really need them since they may seize over time due to inactivity. I actually had this happen once.

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      To add to the conversation I do something similar to monitor my primary pump. Now there is the mater of a secondary pump. Used to have a battery backup however during a rain storm last year(when you need it the most) the power went out and by secondary pump kicked in. It only ran for just over 2 hours before it ran out of power. Fortunately As I was getting ready to bail water with a bucket the power came back on.

      Because of that incident I switched to a Liberty Pump sj10a venturi siphon pump. it uses domestic water pressure to run the pump and siphon water out of your pit. As long as the city water is on the pump will keep running regardless of having power.

      I wanted a way of monitoring when it was running in HS so I came up with this;

      I put a water flow sensor inline with the supply to the pump. Its a NO switch that closes when water is flowing. I simply hooked it up to a window and door sensor for push zwave communications back to HS

      Flow sensor:

      Zwave Plus window and door sensor:

      This window and door sensor has 2 terminals inside that allows you to bypass the magnetic sensor and attache your own dry contact switch or relay.(BTW also use this to know if my home theater amplifier is on via the amp trigger port and a 12V relay)

      Just thought I'd pass this along since it works well and is much cheaper than buying the pump with the WIFI module