My brother built this PC a few years back as a gaming computer, but roughly two years ago it started having issues where it would randomly shut down during any sort of GPU usage. It turned out that one RAM stick was corrupt so we replaced them all but the issue continued. We also switched the GPU out for a brand new one, but that didn't work. Given what I've read on forums, the shut-downs look like a PSU issue, but all PSU voltages are within +0.2v of what they should be. I don't believe it's an overheating issue because all the components stay below 70c (except during an Intel Burn Test, the CPU hit 97c then but didn't shut down). The ambient CPU temp is roughly 35c due to climate, and the GPU loiters around 40c, idle. One interesting thing to note is that whenever I attempt to run a Furmark GPU benchmark, my PC shuts down instantly, within 1 second of opening the OpenGL.

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