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    System Design

    My VMWare server finally died and whilst it was a good run I am unlikely to replace the server and now looking towards other options.

    In some ways it works out well since I am in the process of building a house (again) so will redesign the automation system.

    I am concerned about a combination of cost (e.g. To purchase an automation PC) as well as overall running costs, and whilst I would like ve to do windows I am thinking of going down the linux SBC path.

    I looked at the RPi3 but thinking I could do with a bit more RAM. I will run a range of plugins and scripts, nothing crazy but will need some minor grunt, curious if anyone has tried the Rock64 which goes up to 4gb.

    Appreciate any tips or comments around using Linux SBC as an automation controller. I would devote this machine to the task, but like the idea of a low power machine (may actually run a few of them for other tasks).


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    I've been running the Linux build of HS3 on an Intel Core i5-based NUC for about a year now (very successfully). The NUC's O/S is Lubuntu 16.04 LTS, and will probably be updating to 18.04 LTS after the first set of stability patches are available. I'm really pleased with the NUC - low power, small, etc. - all that good stuff. I'm even running an instance of Windows 10 within VirtualBox on that same machine to get some of the things that Linux doesn't do so well (especially text to speech). Hope that helps.