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x10 irrigation system up?

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    x10 irrigation system up?

    I'm having issues getting my x10 irrigation system up and running this year. Here's what I have for a set up.

    Homeseer 3
    INSTEON PowerLinc Dual Band USB PLM #2413U
    Insteon Plug-in (Mark Sandler)
    2 Rain8II 2-way X10 sprinkler controller (16 zones) - connects to X10's Tw523

    The system works, but I'm having difficulties getting the signal from one end of my house to the other for the X10. I have 12 Insteon devices on my network. My question is what would be my best option to get the signal to the sprinkler controllers. Perhaps some kind of X 10 repeater.

    Would a SR751 RF Repeater Work with my system. I did notice it's on a different frequency. Am I correct in saying that it will not work with my 2413U