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New Homeseer Looking for guidance on compatibility

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  • New Homeseer Looking for guidance on compatibility

    I'm building a new house and am in the final stages of setting up my home automation system and am hoping that this community can provide some guidance on how to get the entire system to play nicely.

    I am outfitting every light switch in the house that matters with the HS 200+ series dimmers/switches and plan to stick with z-wave for all other components. I am looking to use a HomeTroller SEL as my controller but as an new HA user, I'm having a hard time confirming that all of the other components will integrate into the HS ecosystem and how much functionality will be present once they are integrated.

    I have these components that are already built into the house:
    • Andersen Windows - Verilock Sensors - These are my main concern
    • Liftmaster MyQ Garage door opener - noted there is a plugin
    • EZViz 360 plus webcam
    • GE 12730 Z-Wave in wall Smart Fan Control - noted there is a plugin
    • Denon AVR-x2400H - Receiver - noted there is a plugin

    I am also looking for feedback on the following items that I need to finalize:
    • Thermostat that will work with a 3 zone system
    • Irrigation control
    • Smart Lock
    • Smart Doorbell

    My biggest concern is getting the Andersen Verilock sensors to work properly but also welcome any feedback on the rest of the items. I will also be utilizing Amazon Alexa functionality throughout with AV and lighting. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Welcome to Homeseer cooonger


    I will provide feedback based on my experience, see below:

    I try to have all or most every item NOT relying on having internet available,

    I have a Liftmaster garage door opener, but purchased the $90 zwave door controller so I wound not have to go through MyQ ( I have read that they keep changing their API...)

    GE zwave fan controller works great...standard zwave.

    Irrigation control, I bought the Rachio unit and the plugin, but rarely use Homeseer to control irrigation, I go directly to the Rachio app.

    I have 3 Smart locks zwave and they work great.

    I have the ring pro and I would say I am pleased....but no integration at all with homeseer so I would go with another system so you can have more control of what happens when someone rings (Like stop playing Sonos announce someone is at the door, then continue playing sonos), I can't do that with ring without going to IFTT which is HORRIBLE with a 45 min delay...

    I also started controlling whole home audio with several cheap AV receivers with a global cache IR, but then changed to Russound (and plugin) and Love it (instant feedback) no delays like iR and more control for sound, sources, etc.etc.

    i do use a amazon Alexa with BOTH plugin options and the it...

    Document what you a wiring you don’t forget what is connected to what...

    Glad to provide more info and welcome


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      I use Blue-Iris for my camera duties, and loiter on ipcamtalk, and I happened to notice Hikvision has a doorbell cam. HS has good integration with Blue-Iris.


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        Regarding Andersen Verilock, I started a couple of weeks ago and I have same concerns.

        I have the translator and it pairs with HomeSeer but the implementation is not complete, and you don't get statuses back. I am currently in touch with Matt from HST and he is trying to submit the ticket to one of the engineers. For now, they seem to be busy with other priorities. Once they have time I will ship out my parts so they can work on the proper implementation.

        I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I don't know how responsive HST is with these issues. I wish there was a way to get attention of higher ups, since Andersen windows is a big brand. And given that many other hubs support it.


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          By the way regarding the Smart locks I believe, especially if you're going with Andersen, their Yale Assurelocks should work with HS.


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            Here's my feedback on a few items:

            Liftmaster MyQ: Yes, there is a plugin. If you want to avoid the cloud and integrate the garage door opener locally, here's a post on how I did it. Requires a little soldering but it's really no big deal:

            Irrigation Control: I have the Rachio 3 system and there is a great HS3 plugin:

            Smart Doorbell: I recently installed the RingPro and have been very happy with it. Although there is no direct integration with HS3 - there is a workaround method I use with ioBroker and MQTT to get reliable event notifications for motion and bell presses. Here's the link:


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              cooonger I just spoke with HST Support and they are asking that you to call in and to send email to homeseer support and submit a feature request this way there will be a greater chance of them implementing Verilock Translator support.


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                banana I will email them as well. I got the same thing back when I originally started this a year ago. They "thought it would work but it wasn't directly supported." It didn't and the only way to make it work full stop was to put in a honeywell or similar security pad that would integrate with homeseer as a pass through/translator. Needless to say, that was disappointing and I haven't bit the bullet yet and added the security so I have fancy locks with a pretty blue light that work the same as any other lock


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                  Just realized how old the original post was. LOL!!!

                  My 2 cents:

                  Smart Locks: I just recently changed out my Kwikset (non Z-wave plus) locks with Yale Assure Locks (Z-wave Plus) and have had zero issues with communication with them. Was having intermittent missed status messages from the Kwikset locks to the controller despite trying repeaters, HS dimmers being 18 inches from the lock, etc. The Yales have not missed a beat since I installed them. I can't say that any other brand would not be as good but the Yales being Z-wave plus made a huge difference with my setup.

                  Fan Control: I also have the same GE fan controllers and have been happy with their performance.

                  Audio / Video Control: I am controlling several pieces of AV gear throughout my house using Global Cache and IR. Have also controlled an Onkyo receiver via serial through a GC-100 with no issues all via plugins available with HS. I think there are a few plugins available for network control of Denon, Onkyo, and maybe Yamaha receivers.

                  Security Cameras: Using BlueIris with 4 IP cameras and the BI plugin to interface with HS for some motion / alert events from the cameras and server info which is running on a separate computer from HS.

                  Dimmers / Switches: I have used Insteon for years with no issues but have recently started moving into Z-wave. My main driving factor with this move was the fact that Z-Wave just seems to have a wider selection of devices. I started with installation of Z-wave locks and various sensors (motion, temp, lux, etc) and have recently replaced almost all dimmers and switches with HomeSeer brand for the exception of the GE fan controllers. Everything has been rock solid since changing my locks out as previously mentioned. I'm new to Z-wave for the most part but my recommendation would be to stick with Z-Wave Plus devices wherever possible.

                  Hope my rambling helps somehow.
                  Congrats on the new house!

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                    We are getting three of the new Andersen Yale Assure locks for the E series Patio doors (the doors were made just after the date they started supporting this lock - so we lucked out!) I will let you know how it goes when they show up and are installed.



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                      Originally posted by fresnoboy View Post
                      We are getting three of the new Andersen Yale Assure locks for the E series Patio doors (the doors were made just after the date they started supporting this lock - so we lucked out!) I will let you know how it goes when they show up and are installed.

                      Please make sure to email Homeseer tech support to request them to support Andersen Verilock window sensors!