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Abode Security System?

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    Abode Security System?

    Been researching security systems, from the traditional sort, to HS3 as my controller, to the new-age systems. I like the simplicity of Nest Secure, and also like my Nest doorbell. However I don't like that I would have to get new deadbolts to replace my Kwikset locks if I want to integrate with Nest, and there's no API (currently) for Nest Secure to allow HS3 to integrate with it.

    Abode hasn't published their API, but someone reverse engineered it a couple of years ago and it appears that project has been maintained and is still going strong:

    Additionally Abode appears to be more flexible than Nest and generally as feature filled. Cameras aren't as good, but it appears to integrate Nest cameras well (I haven't yet figured out to what degree).

    Considering giving this a try. Any thoughts?

    Abode website:


    Dusting off this post. It appears that Abode has some strong Black Friday/Cyber Monday offerings, but before jumping in; I was curious as to other folk's experience with Abode security systems & getting it integrated with HS.

    Is the above python project still relevant? If so, does anyone have any guidance on how to implement it with HS? Do you find it to be reliable enough?

    Alternatively, I've been considering Simplisafe, but it appears that integration with HS is only possible with the full monthly monitoring package - making it cost ineffective to me.

    Any insight that can be shared is much appreciated!


      I ended up purchasing Abode and have been super happy with it. I rolled my own set of Abode Connector scripts that use the python library I mention above, and it’s been rock solid. HS is informed of any status change for Abode or its sensors, and I use a wall mounted iPad with hstouch and pop up keypad for arming/disarming etc. If you decide to go ahead with Abode feel free to let me know and I’d be happy to share what I’ve got.


        I would be interested in your scripts if you don’t mind sharing them? Thanks


          Sure thing - I'll bundle them up and get right back to you


            Thanks for this information it is quite helpful. I would like to get your codes.



              In my current home, I used to have Spectrum, which got out of the security business. So, I beefed up my HomeSeer events to use it as a security system. It works great as a security system, but it took a lot of scripts and testing. I'm moving to a new home, and after doing a lot of research on various home security systems, I also decided to get abode. I like that it supports HomeKit, Alexa, and Google, and one can choose a free plan (no external monitoring) or a paid plan (even as short as a week or two when going on vacation).

              I use homebridge along with @jvm's excellent homebridge-homeseer4-plugin, which provides integration between HomeKit and HomeSeer. Since abode supports HomeKit, I was thinking of integrating abode with HomeSeer via:

              abode <=> HomeKit <=> Homebridge/homebridge-homeseer4-plugin <=> HomeSeer

              In the past, the focus of the above integration was to push device changes from HomeSeer to HomeKit. But for abode devices, the
              focus is to push device changes from abode/HomeKit back to HomeSeer.

              So, in HomeSeer, I would define virtual devices for each abode physical device. For example, I would create a virtual device for the front door sensor.
              I would export the virtual front door sensor device to HomeKit. Then, in HomeKit, I would define automations (events) so when the actual abode device (the abode front door sensor) changes status, HomeKit automation will also change the status of the front door sensor virtual device. This would allow HomeSeer to be notified immediately of the change. No polling needed.

              I believe one of Apple's HomeKit specs is to require processing to be done locally without requiring Internet access (unless one is remote or wants to use Siri).
              I haven't setup abode yet, but hopefully this integration via HomeKit will work even if Internet is not available.

              Another consideration is: what if HomeSeer has been down for a while. When HomeSeer starts, it needs to refresh the values of the virtual devices. So, one option is to use the Python scripts to poll abode when it starts. Or have some logic in HomeKit automation to ensure that the virtual device states match the actual abode device states.

              paul, can you share/PM the scripts that you used?