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    No worries. This just means the answer is: There are 2 possible solutions depending on the products you purchase. Be careful because you could also purchase products that would not allow for this. Check the specific manufacturer.
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      Originally posted by Big View Post
      This sounds like the solution I need! Thanks

      If I go this route, it doesn't matter which brands I use, as long as my controller see's all 3 devices?
      That is correct. Brands don't matter if you are using events. Yes they all must be included in HS.


        Originally posted by Big View Post
        I haven't mentioned brands because I have not purchased anything yet. I recently moved into a new home and I am trying to formulate a plan for my landscape lighting. Currently 2 switches controls all my landscape lighting and those 2 switches are far away from my house, I was wondering if I install 2 seperate zwave switches there can I put a Zwave switch inside so I can turn them on/off manually. Those 2 switches are on separate circuits.

        I should have presented all the facts first rather than ask piecemeal questions (sorry) and thanks for your help!
        It won't matter if they are on separate circuits. Z-wave is all through the air. One thing that ksum mentioned that is important is try to get switches that have instant status.