Hi folks -

I have a set of HD-200+ dimmers and they are working great with my LED cans and fixtures.

But I got one fixture (this one: https://www.build.com/vonn-vmc32500/...d=2896534&null) buzzes horribly when dimmed between about 1% and 90%. It's advertised as dimmable, so we called the manufacturer and they said it is dimmable but not compatable with smart switches. I didn't realize that was even a thing.

My wife also likes this fixture (https://www.build.com/contempo-light...66?uid=3119800) and we're considering replacing the one that buzzes with that. We don't want to hit the same issue, so we callend the manufacturer - they said it was dimmable and would work with "lumens smart automation" but wasn't sure about anything else. He didn't instill confidence.

Hoping people here can help confirm that the 2nd light fixture won't have the buzzing issue.