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Sample Humidity every X-Minutes to work out change

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    Sample Humidity every X-Minutes to work out change

    I am slowly transferring my devices over from Vera, however, i am having problems with an Event using humidity to trigger my Exhaust Fans in the bathrooms.

    I want to be able to know the percentage change of humidity over a 2 minute window and if its over 15% to trigger the fan.
    I have had trouble with triggering it with an absolute value as it would be triggered on rainy days and not come on at all if its very dry to start with.

    Is there a way to do this with perhaps global variables and timer ?


    I think you could do this with a virtual device, two events, and the EasyTrigger plug-in.
    The first event would have a recurring trigger every two minutes and would have two actions.
    The first action would run an event with a condition (using EasyTrigger) that would test to see if the current humidity is greater than 15 points higher than the previous humidity value (stored in the virtual device). If so, it would turn on your fan (and presumably turn it off again after an appropriate delay).
    The second action of the first event would be to replace the value in the virtual device with the current humidity reading to get it ready for the next comparison.
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      That plugin worked perfectly. Thanks so much.
      Learning about Virtual Devices has created so many light bulbs go off in my head, giving me different ways to do things.

      Thanks Again