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Constant voltage systems?

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    Constant voltage systems?


    I was looking into putting in a few speakers and an amp to allow my HomeSeer to do paging, alerts, and occasionally for regular audio.

    I came across constant voltage speaker systems at Monoprice.

    I have never seen these and know nothing about them but they look like they simplify the design. The HomeSeer would get the prioritized mic input and I could put an echo on another input for music.

    Most of the speakers appear to have step-down modes so I could over-build the wall-mounted components and upgrade to a beefier amp later with minimal expense.

    So....good idea or tech trap?

    At first glance it looks like a 70 volt amplifier. Different than a 8 ohm system. It'll take 70v speakers and is best on long runs as you're driving 70 volts down the wire. Not much signal loss.

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