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    Aeotec Security

    I'm just reaching out to anyone who uses aeotec devices and how the security is with them. I use the multisensor 6 and I'm aware they can be added in secure mode which I don't think I've ever been able to achieve nor find out whether they are securely included or not. I know you have to press the inclusion button very quickly twice but don't think I can physically press any faster that I have attempted.

    I plugged in my z stick into the pc to turn the led off using the tool and noticed that enable security is unchecked and also the security key is set to 00 (all 16 digits).

    So a few questions

    Do i have to manually enable this before trying to securely include devices or is it activated automatically when i successfully include a device securely?

    The sensors are advertised as 128 AES encrypted but does this mean when added in secure mode?

    Are all devices generally set in S0 security unless stated otherwise and where (using homeseer or other methods) could I find which security my devices are currently using.

    I'm aware S2 is now on the market but not available with the hardware I'm currently using (sensitive strips and aeotec multisensors). The reason I'm asking all this is the plan is to use these sensors to build an alarm system, not that anyone pays any attention to alarms going off but just as a deterrent. Its unlikely I'll be a victim of hacking but I like to take all the precautions I can and fully understand the vulnerabilities in the system I'm hoping to build.

    I have a few multisensor 6's and I have never been hacked.......

    But i have a home alarm that is tied to my HS3. Much cheaper and more reliable.

    EDIT: On that same note if anyone has been z-wave hacked can they please post their story.


      How invested in the Aeotec multi 6 are you, have you bought a dozen already or just one for testing?

      If it's just motion, the HomeSeer MS-100 supports S2 security. It seems Zooz have also released an S2 motion sensor, though it's not even on their own website yet:

      The hardware appears to be identical to the HomeSeer.

      These devices act as repeaters when powered by USB and are less than half the cost of the Aeotec ($22 vs $60). However, you won't get extra information like UV and Humidity, which is of course critical to the operation of a home security system.

      I know this doesn't answer your original question, but if you're in the early stages and haven't bought big yet, maybe just buy S2 devices to begin with?


        Originally posted by Fellhahn View Post
        How invested in the Aeotec multi 6 are you, have you bought a dozen already or just one for testing?
        Yeah quite invested, currently have 7. The only reason being is they have a recessor and make them look smart. The extra sensors are not necessary but I like to monitor temp and humidity as I have a small mould problem in one room so I can use that info to monitor it this winter.

        I've found the motion detection isn't the fastest and it depends how you set them up, walking towards them can cause flaky detection times, but you cant ninja around them so they'll do.

        I could knock up a recessor myself I suppose later down the line if I believe security to be a major issue and need to switch. Aeotec plan to release an S2 sensor for lux, motion and temp but its battery powered. I took great lengths to hide the usb wires so I wouldn't have to change batteries, I see no reason as to why they would remove the usb option.


          Yeah I was equally disappointed that they don't look to be releasing a mains powered S2 sensor :S