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    Monkey Business

    I let a couple of monkeys hook up my Trane Tstat to the 'X' communicating Lennox upstairs. They were so rough and couldn't get it to work and apparently broke the stage 2 pin. So now, I bought a replacement at double price, and the firmware is outdated. I can't seem to find the firmware anywhere. I need 2.5, and this unit has 2.3, and in the zwave information in the root device, I'm missing the Humidity associated device. Does anybody know where I could get the firmware?

    Any ideas on why the Advanced tab knows it's cooling, but the device page is unknown? Granted it's probably the outdated firmware, but I would think the firmware would interfere with the reporting to the advanced tab as well. I've deleted the child and re-scanned, excluded the node and re-added within close proximity. Secured and unsecured. I should mention I'm getting the Humidity.
    What about the Dimmable=False, yet the status is 2=Dim
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