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OTA updates with bin file

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  • Pete
    Many times firmware is always a hex file with just a different extension. IE: you can load it with a hex file editor and just save it with a different extension.

    In Linux there are a few command line and GUI editors and in Windows there are a few GUI editors posted for free use.

    Here last use was modifying the flash of a newer tinker toy done up OpenWRT WAP now with a hidden MAC addresses...

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  • Steaktastic87
    started a topic OTA updates with bin file

    OTA updates with bin file

    Trying to update the firmware on my popp solar sirens, I contacted their support and they gave me a link. Problem is the files are binary and homeseer ota wont use that file extension. Is there a way to convert it to HEX myself or is that something the manufacturer of the firmware would need to do.