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Controlling Philips tv (POS9002)

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    Controlling Philips tv (POS9002)


    I have bought a Philips OLED tv model 55POS9002 which I believe is from 2017. It can be controlled by the philips app, so I was investigating the possibility to control it via homeseer.

    I found one article where homeseer is even mentioned: . It seems rather old though and something in the philips api has changed from 2016 or 2017, so it doesn't work. There has to happen an authentication like when I added the tv to the philips app where you get a 4 digit code that is displayed on the tv.

    Here are some discussions from HA with links to github scripts, but they are all using a python script. Unfortunately I don't know anything about python.

    Is anybody here getting philips tv info into homeseer and how did you do it? Or can somebody help me using the python script from github?

    I am running HS3 on Windows.