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LED sign controlled by HS3

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    Thanks. mrhappy you're correct on both interface and price :-)


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      Originally posted by samburner3 View Post
      There is also a node-red node available for this (node-red is click and drag config for Iot devices) for those not keen on Rpi client coding. could easily add a MQTT node to make it (mostly) point and click setup with HS3
      I did finish my version of the LED sign and published its API in Section 15.17.2 of that very nicely integrates with HS via mcsMQTT.

      The API evolved a little as I worked on the HS plug-in side of it so that its use with HS would be more seamless. If you so chose to comply with this or subset of this API then the HS side of the integration or your sign is available with mcsMQTT.