Although I have owned Homeseer for a while, I am just getting around to starting the install/setup. I have been assembling parts and pieces, including some Russound equipment. I already have two CAA-66 and a ST2. I just came across a Russound MCA-C5 and DMS-3.1 on Craigslist and pulled the trigger because I wanted a DMS-3.1.

Now, here is my dilemma. Do I sell the MCA-C5 and continue with the CAA-66s or buy another MCA-C5 or C3. I would prefer the C5 because of the higher wattage per channel and the ability to use the MyRussound app, but can't seem to confirm that either Russound plugin works with the MCA-C5. My searching the forum has led me to believe that the BLRussound plugin might work or might not work with the MCA-C5. I think the UltraRussound plugin will work with the MCA-C5 if the MCA-C5 uses RNET, which I think it does, but will have to confirm.

After all that, my four questions are:
1. Does the BLRussound plugin work with the MCA-C5?
2. Does the UltraRussound plugin work with the MCA-C5?
3. Is there anyone that has used both and can tell me which one might serve me better?
4. From what I gather, both plugins use serial communications to control the Russound equipment. Is my reading of this correct?

I hope this isn't covered somewhere, but have been searching and can't find the answers.



Sorry, posted this to Media Plugins by mistake.