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Unloading Z-Wave Equipment

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    Unloading Z-Wave Equipment

    I have been using HS3 Pro for years starting when I built my last house. Recently had to move quickly so for the time being I am stuck with a small setup and have a lot of hardware that I no longer need. If this isn't the right forum let me know so I can move it. If you are interested in any of the below please let me know. I am trying to be pretty flexible on pricing. I figured I would rather someone be using this hardware since it is all current protocol. In the last few years I have upgraded everything to Z-Wave Plus. When I sold the house the new owners did not want anything to be automated so I removed it all.

    WD100+ - 43
    WS100+ - 18
    WA100+ - 9
    FGFS-101 Flood Sensors (New) - 4
    FGMS-001-ZW5 Sensor - 5 (Several still new)
    Smart Switch 6 - 2
    WV100+ 1" Water Cut Off (New) - 1
    NZW39 Smart Plug Dimmer - 2
    Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Door and Window Sensor - 4
    SmartStick+ - 2