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This Yale Assure Lock SL Z-Wave Door Lock Works AWESOME with HomeSeer and Z-Net!

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    I am so happy you got it working! Yes a restart should ALWAYS be a full reboot of the device and not just a disconnection and re-connection of the network cable. I love the lock, I now have 3 of them and they all work great!
    Jean-Marie G. Vaneskahian


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      Originally posted by View Post
      For anyone working with the Yale YRD256 and the Z-wave module. If you get the lock working but it keeps changing the lock status back to unlocked and the lock actually locked. I found that the issue is the lock is not moving completely into the lock position and is sending a message that it is unlocked. I made the deadbolt hold deeper and the lock now turns 100% of the throw and reports locked correctly.
      How did you do this?


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        Here is a link to a website with instruction to test if your deadbolt/latch on the door is position correctly in the door frame.

        In my case I had to use a chisel and a drill bit to make the hole in the door frame deeper.
        I have also noticed I still have the deadbolt sliding against the strike plate in the door frame which results in the YRD256 sometimes locking and reading correctly and sometime not.

        For this fix I am still deciding if I want to file the strike plate larger or move it. I have not done either yet.