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    Originally posted by cc4005 View Post

    This is the direction I'm leaning, but haven't figured out a good means of adding a separate meter and monitor on the irrigation line. Our yard is relatively small, and irrigation leaks unlikely to go undetected for a great length of time, but I still want to be able to monitor both. The household line is the priority, though.

    One option is to keep the flume monitor on the main, add a 2nd monitor on the household line, and let logic determine whether there's water flowing in the irrigation system. The primary shortcoming is that the automation would have to know that there should be no household water use in order to evaluate irrigation flow--which isn't necessarily straightforward.
    Do you have a space constraint that’s prohibiting installation on the sprinkler line? It does make things much easier that way. HS knows when the sprinklers are supposed to be on so it’s easy to match flow to that and alert (and shut off the water valve) if there is an issue. For house usage, I mainly alert/control the valve if there’s flow when no one is home and the rest of the time leak detection is done by sensors.
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      Originally posted by sparkman View Post

      Do you have a space constraint that’s prohibiting installation on the sprinkler line? It does make things much easier that way.
      The irrigation and house lines split immediately after the meter, near the front of the property. The house line then goes into the garage for the water softener then on into the house. That one's easy. The irrigation immediately branches after the split at the meter so it's dedicated meter and pulse reader need to be out near the main meter (in a new in-ground box, but that's not a big deal). I could use the flume there but I'd really prefer a hard-wired solution if possible since wireless is giving me intermittent problems. And the flume device doesn't have HS3 integration at this point, though hopefully that will change. If I'm honest with myself hard-wired isn't realistic because the location is within a circle drive, and even getting out of the house is fairly painful. There's a 120V receptacle out there for an old gate operator, but there's a fault in the u/g somewhere--it trips the GFI from time to time when I've tried to use it.

      It's solvable, just haven't fully studied it yet. Ideas are welcome.


        I posted my efforts with the Flume API here