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HSTouch default weather not working anymore ?

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    #1RSS Weather API Key not working

    Today, 09:25 PM
    I somehow can't make the weather RSS API work.
    I went to and registered.They emailed a 32 digit Code to me.I pasted that code into HS4 Network Weater API Key.Waited a bit.Used the Default weather 5D in custom.All I get is TEXT in all fields.Clicked on a text field to go to Status tracking RSS DATA.Edit RSS data.Comon RSS Feeds HOME SEER WEATHER.Manual URL RSS FEED is[$LATITUDE],[$LONGITUDE] Username and Password is blank.Click get Data and get a error At0,Unexpected end of file occured.The following elements are not closed:error1,line1,position8.Please help


      Did you replace the variables $LATITUDE and $LONGITUDE with your LAT and LONG? I think you're on the right track, you should be able to see the data in a browser. Once you have that working, focus on HSTouch.


        The full URL you should be testing with looks like this:

        loc= should have the LAT and LONG from HS4 settings for LAT and LONG (In the General setup page of HS3, not sure in HS4, I don't use it)
        apikey= should be the Weather API key you received from Openweathermap in Settings Network Tab of HS3

        If you don't have these filled out correctly the HSTouch page won't work as they are using Replacement Variables to substitute the correct values.

        Note that the example above is not a valid working URL, but when I add my correct data I get the correct XML back from Homeseer.

        Test by pasting the URL directly in a browser, you should get XML back if you filled in all 3 data points correctly.


          Sadly still not working. this is the URL I came up with.The key is not the real key.


            The Brackets and dollar signs aren't supposed to be in the URL, they are part of the replacement variable syntax. Please compare to my example closely. You are also missing the "&" in front of apikey


              Thanks so much for your help it works now.How do people get the sun or cloud graphics to show?Is that something the RSS feed has or do I need to link a graphic to a state like CLEAR that comes from the RSS feed.


                Look at the default hstouch project, the weather feed is used/demoed there. The icons are just specific parts of the feed.

                The default project is installed with the designer, just open it and deploy to a client.


                  looking at the default project was a brilliant idea.Got it all figured out.I do have 2 more questions.Can I change the font of the data that the RSS provides?I changed the text field font to TIMES but it does not change.trying to change the CLEAR and DAYS fonts.Also the weather graphics are kind of lame the CLEAR graphic is a red dot not a sun graphic.Is the API weather key from the only one that works with HS4?