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Line AV and 12v detection?

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    Line AV and 12v detection?

    A friend and I were chatting today and he's debating how to go about automating some of his existing AV gear. Most specifically some stuff that has 12v triggering abilities.

    Likewise, some stuff used to exist that would handle A/B switching based on detecting an input signal. To do something like have a signal on channel A override the default signal on channel B. To allow something like a paging or intercom system to override background music. There used to be some stuff that could do this with a composite video signal also.

    I'm wondering what's out there for hardware to integrate with old-school AV stuff that uses that sort of thing?

    I'm looking more for integrated hardware, not cobbling together relays and the like.

    Global Cache has sensors for this type of thing that interface into their products:
    HS 2134 Devices 1252 Events
    Z-Wave 133 Nodes on one Z-Net


      oh, right, forgot about global cache. thanks!


        The GC sensors don't detect audio as far as I can tell. But the good news is there is a device that does exactly what you want: It even has relay outputs so HS or something else can tell when it's switched inputs.

        I use these to override Chromecast audio feeds to the amp inputs on my whole house audio system from TV's. TV audio overrides the Chromecast audio, and then after its quiet for up to 2 mins (the time is settable), it switches back to the chromecast audio.

        Nice device. Not that expensive.



          Something like the Niles SPK1? I use a couple of the Niles, one can autodetect the speakers, the other takes a 12v input to switch.