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Recommend replacement for Evolve LFM-20 for garage door setup

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    Recommend replacement for Evolve LFM-20 for garage door setup

    Probably one of my first automation pieces were my garage doors (on Vera). I member was making and selling a small setup using an Evolve LFM-20 to control the garage door. Been working great for 5+ years... but just decided to quit. making an awful buzzing noise.

    looking to replace... can find an Evolve if I look around hard enough, but thought I would ask the community if you liked some other contact unit?

    Here way back in the 1990's did a GDO configuration using X10. Worked fine at the time. In the early 2000's went to wiring up and down sensors / button to the alarm panel. This is still working fine today.

    Left the wires in place and testing utilizing a $4 SonOff WiFi device with mcsTasmota firmware locally connected to two added to the garage door, one temperature sensor and garage door button.

    Only moving part in the device is the button relay.

    I went to one of those new Security 2.0+ GDO and purchased a digital button modifying it for use with the relay. IE: programmed the digital button and soldered wires to the device for button use.

    Originally over did the sensors using steel cabled sensors. Left these in place and added tiny magnetic switches which are working fine.

    The firmware transport used is MQTT and it has been working fine now for many months. (senses open, closed, intermediate, temperature and has one virtual button to control the relay). I have modified it a bit using terminals glued to the cover and removed the attached DS18B20 temperature sensor.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	sonoff0.jpg Views:	1 Size:	231.2 KB ID:	1282092

    Looks ugly but your can put the device inside of a little plastic case and dress it up a bit. I have done this with modified Magic Home Controllers used today with a digital dimmer pot combo on off switch for manual operation and use MQTT for automation relating to my kitchen LED strip lighting. This is working well now. I am using tiny LED power supplies inside of the switch box (4 X 4 with a single mudplate over it).

    This methodology does not utilize the cloud and I can get to the GDO button fine using VPN on my smartphone to access Homeseer or the mcsTasmota web interface. IE: get remote status of garage door plus a CCTV view for added security.
    - Pete

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      I used to use a LFM-20 for my garage doors too. I'm using a Fotrezz Mimo2+ now. It has 2 relays, so I have one connected to each garage door. Additionally, there is a parameter to set the relay to momentary which eliminates the need for an event to "double tap" relay that was necessary with the LFM-20. A Mimolite which has one relay will work too. Sprinkler controllers like OpenSprinkler can be used too.



        If you want a drop in replacement, there are several zwave relays available.
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